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For One Found Sound - Shahmaran (2019)

The story of Shahmaran is of Persian and Kurdish origin, and is believed to have happened in the Anatolia region (today’s Turkey). The Shahmaran figure which is portrayed as a half-woman, half-snake creature is widely popular and prominent in this region and is incorporated into different forms of arts, including rugs, paintings and into architecture. The story is about true and ultimate love which equals to self-sacrifice and selflessness in love and appears in many cultures’ literature and poetry in different forms and shapes.

Rhyme by Rhyme - Amaranth Quartet

Based on Forough Farrokhzad poetry

Flying Carpet is a collective of world-class musicians, artists, and visionaries who believe in the power of music as a catalyst for positive change in the lives of children. The festival is to be held in Mardin, Turkey and serves around 1000 refugee children through workshops and 20,000 through live performances.

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"Torkaman" arrangement for The Living Earth Show

Kronos Festival 2018 - Arrangements for Mahsa Vahdat, David Coulter and Kronos Quartet

"Red Rose" for Hannah Nicholas and Layale Chaker

"The Weight Of The World" (2017) For Circadian Quartet and narrator, Nikolaus Hohmann

Sea Prayer for David Coulter and Kronos Quartet

Family Of Too Many (2017) (short film score)

Inspector's Scrutiny (2017)

For Zofo Duet 

Inspired by Nicky Nodjoumi's artwork "Inspector's Scrutiny, 2012"

The Book of Jackals (2017)

For Hannah Nicholas - Words by Mario Ariza inspired by "Kililah and Dimna" an ancient Indian text from 500 BC.

Pareeshan (2017)

For Kronos Quartet

An homage to mastery of Parveez Yahaghi

Kronos Festival 2017 @SFJAZZ

Music of Spheres (2017)

for Kronos Quartet and San Francisco Girls Chorus

Including voices from ANIM Choir

Kronos Festival 2017 @SFJAZZ

"Sound Only Sound Remains" - Orchestral

For women choir and Orchestra

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NEW arrangement performed by Kronos Quartet and Marjan Vahdat