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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce that I recently left my teaching position at the Academy of Art University, and I'll be joing Sirkhane Social Circus School as the first Musical Director of this magnificient organization. I will be in Mardin, Turkey four months every year during which will continue to work as a freelance composer, and when not there will be acting as the ambassador of Sirkhane in United Stated and in other parts of the world.

Sirkhane is a project founded by organization Her Yerde Sanat Derneği (Art Anywhere) in 2012 in South Eastern Anatolia, in a region where it’s difficult to be a child and is part of the social circus movement, a global movement that uses circus arts to reach out to children who are considered at risk. Established in 2011 by visionaries, Pinar Demiral and Serdal Adam in Mardin, Turkey, close to the Syrian border, they offer circus arts training and music workshops to thousdands of children and teenagers all over the region in schools and in refugee camps and they empower the children and future visionaries by teaching them creativity, beauty and story-telling skills. In the past 3 years, more than 500 kids have benefited from their classes in Sirkhane, and more than 3000 youngsters took part in workshops all over Mardin region. Over 20,000 children attended the circus performances during their Circus Festival. I am absolutely honored and humbled by their offer and will be dedicating myself to their incredible cause which is highly valuable to me.

We’ll also be working on a large-scale and the first children music festival, named:


This music festival is imagined and will be born by a large group of borderless world-class artists, visionaries, idealists and magicians from all around the world in order to create an educational yet colorful and beautiful experience for our children at Sirkhane whom matter the most to us. We do not provide entertainment, we provide the best that arts can offer to the children who deserve the most.

Our artists are from many different countries and from different backgrounds but we all share the same vision, that children matter the most and shall be protected. We are looking forward to this event and to which will happen between September 9th-15th, 2018 in Mardin and we invite you all to join us to witness this magnificent and unique artistic endeavor which we hold very close to your heart. We already have a large line-up of world-class artists and will be soon annoucing our open call for proposal as well. More details will follow soon!

Jump on our #FlyingCarpet2018



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