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Preview: SHAMS
Verdigris Ensemble

Preview: SHAMS

ongoing projects:

Four Seasons: The Story of Urmia Lake - For Kronos Quartet 5 Decades Season

Phoenix for Music of Remembrance

Swing (OST) in collaboration with Naghmeh Farzaneh

SHAMS for Verdigris Ensemble

Upcoming second album in collaboration with Siavosh Behbahani

The Book of Kings for The Living Earth Show

recent projects:

Darde Moshtarak (2022) for Kronos Quartet

AYENE (2020) for Prototype Festival Copy

House of Circus (2021)

Salam Aleykom (2020) for Kronos Quartet

Stormy Seas (2020) for Music of Remembrance

Music of the Birds (2020) for Kronos Quartet and San Francisco Girls Chorus

Nasrin's Dream (2021) for Kronos Quartet

Sahba is the Founder and Artistic Director of 

Flying Carpet Children Festival

a festival for children living in conflict and war zones where it is difficult to be child