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HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MORE! Flying Carpet Children Festival 2020 Is Coming!

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Happy Holidays! I wish you and your family a great holiday season. I would like to update you with the news of my upcoming events and projects. 

The fundraiser campaign for Flying Carpet Children Festival 2020, the most recent artistic project of mine in south east of Turkey, is now open. The world is indeed a dark place for children in the middle of political conflicts and war. However, our aim is to bring light, hope and beauty to areas where cultural activities barely occur. Millions of Syrian children living in south east of Turkey, are deprived of any education or cultural opportunities. I think that is simply NOT FAIR! The festival is evolving every year, and in the last two years we have been able to bring 75 artists to our festival, who have held 15 major concerts and 250 art/music/circus workshops for beautiful children of region between Turkey and Syria. 

We CANNOT do it without you,

so please accompany us through this magical  journey!

What happened in 2019:


My beautiful friends at San Francisco Girls Chorus (artistic director, Valérie Sainte-Agathe) and Amaranth Quartet will be performing my 2017 choral piece, "Music of Spheres" (a collaboration with Afghanistan National Institute of Music, originally written for Kronos Festival 2017 in collaboration with Berkeley Ballet. So, YES  it will be a choreographed version!

Keep in minds that my friends at ZOFO Duet  are touring ZOFOMOMA, a multimedia concert experience with art from all around the world along with music written for it. My piece is based on an art piece by Nicky Nodjoumi, an incredible Brooklyn-based Iranian-American artist. They might be performing somewhere close to you!

Also I am excited to announce that Valley Entertainment has published a new single  which is arranged by me and performed by Kronos Quartet and Marjan Vahdat. A Kurdish song which you can listen to on your music streaming service. The song is a bonus track recorded during the sessions of the album «Placeless» with Kronos Quartet, Mahsa Vahdat and Marjan Vahdat in Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo, November 2018, produced by Erik Hillestad for Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV). Any proceeds from the sale and distribution will be donated to Doctors Without Borders which does an important humanitarian work in the Middle East.


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