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Help Us Develop a Musical Piece for Nasrin Sotoudeh

Dear Friends,

Today is the 31st day of Nasrin Sotoudeh’s hunger strike.​I and acclaimed Grammy-winning Kronos Quartet, are working on a new piece named: ​“Nasrin’s Dream”​A piece dedicated to Nasrin Sotoudeh, the acclaimed human rights lawyer who has been unjustly sentenced to 33 years of prison and 148 lashes in Iran. She is currently placed in solitary confinement while on a hunger strike since May. Iranian authorities have denied her access to her lawyer and Iranian prisons are infested with the Covid-19 virus. This veteran of a 40-year-long fight for human rights and women rights in Iran is in danger along with several political prisoners in Iran. This is the second time in less than six months that Sotoudeh has gone on a hunger strike to demand Iran’s political detainees' release during the global pandemic. Let's tell her that we haven't forgotten her courageous acts, by saying and shouting her name, over and over again, like a magic spell, thousands, and thousands of times until the end of eternity.What we need from you is just your voice! Literally! Say, shout, or scream her name: "NAS-REEN SO-TOU-DEH"record it on your phone with NO background noise and upload it here:


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