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Sound, Only Sound Remains to Blend Old, New Iranian Music at Kronos Festival


If there’s one word that best describes the Kronos Festival 2016: Explorer Series running Feb 4-7 at SFJAZZ Center it’s “reach.” Or perhaps “reaching,” because there’s nothing static about this seven-concert showcase. 

The Grammy-winning string quartet is known for gallivanting across boundaries — bridging not only geographical divides, musical genres, and historical periods but building startling, small ensemble edifices in gaps many people fail to recognize until they are filled by a Kronos commission.

Founder David Harrington says that bringing the fruits of their “gallops around the globe” to Bay Area audiences corrects “something that had to be rectified.” The festival’s guest performers “will change how you hear music. Almost everything we’re doing on this festival I couldn’t even imagine a few years ago,” he says.

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