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Zár for Orchestra (2012)

Performed by Symphony Parnassus

Conductor: Stephen Paulson

San Francisco Conservatory of Music Caroline H. Hume Concert Hall

June 10, 2012



The piece is based on a Zâr song named 'Marhaba' which is sung by Mama and Baba, the male and female shamanistic figures conducting the ritual. Learning about the ceremony and how it is practiced in the South of Iran, and being fascinated with its music for months, made me think how, at this time of war and violence and threats, a Zâr song can be relevant to the diseased soul of our world. I wanted my music to portray a ritual to banish evil spirits such as greed, violence and the lust for power which have surrounded our societies and our politics no matter where we come from, and have separated us from each other as human beings. May our never-ending thirst for freedom and peace be granted us by our own wisdom and our own efforts towards them.

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